Academic Lectures:

1.Ibn Sina Memorial Lecture

It is intended that this memorial lecture at the academy's premise will be an annual function. Renowned scholars on All-India level will be invited to deliver this lecture. A number of such lectures may be collected and published later. A tentative list of themes is as follows:

  • 1. History of Unani Medicine,
  • 2. History of Sciences, particularly of Medieval India,
  • 3. Philosophy in the age of Ibn Sina,
  • 4. Science Education of Muslims - Past and Present,
  • 5. Preservation of Indian Muslims' Heritage - Problems and Solutions,
  • 6. Unani Medicine in the Context of Modern Medicine,
  • 7. Studies in Primary Source - Material (Manuscripts) of Medieval Science and Medicine

Seventh Ibn Sina Memorial Lecture by Moosa Raza (2012)

2. Prof Nasim Ansari Memorial Lecture on World Health Day

3. Guest Lectures

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4. Conferences / Seminars

International Conference on Ibn Sina (25-27 October 2014)